Tuesday, September 5, 2017


It's been awhile since I've gotten up on my soapbox and I am hot about an issue today so here it goes....
Recently Taylor Swift was in the news for suing a radio host for inappropriately touching/groping her while she was doing a broadcast for his show. According to the media, she did not acknowledge it right after it happened and chose to keep the incident out of the spotlight. She did, however, bring it to the station's attention after the incident. The radio host then sued Swift for trying to get him fired, which then caused her to countersue because of it. As I read the article, I was glad that she stood up for herself and other women that have been in that type of situation. I thought most everyone would applaud her for her actions...until I came across someone who didn't.
This person basically said she was doing it for media hype and she should have dealt with it when it first happened. Unless you are in that type of situation, you never know how you will react. I had a similar situation happen to me in high school with a teacher. When it happened, I didn't speak up. At first I was embarrassed, thinking I had done something to bring it on. When it was done a second time I got angry because I felt like the teacher thought I'd become the "silent victim". Thankfully I had/have parents who are very supportive of me. I told them what happened and they immediately brought it to the school principal. Soon other female students were telling stories about similar situations with that same teacher. My parents never told me all the details of what happened (Of if they did I blocked it out because that's not a fond memory) but I know the teacher did not finish the year at that school. And because of that, I felt safe again.
I am tired of female victims being told how they should deal with sexual harassment or being told that the only reason they are talking about it is because they want attention. Who wants that kind of attention? The fact that Taylor Swift only asked for $1 in that lawsuit proved that she was doing it out of principle and not to gain a monetary win. In my opinion, more women need to speak up for themselves. Victims don't need to be victimized any more than they already are because of the situation. Speaking solely from my situation, sexual harassment is humiliating and you just want it to go away. But, sometimes, speaking up is the only way to right a wrong. So I stand behind Taylor Swift's case and am glad that she had the COURAGE to bring to light the situation, to face the media about it and to be a voice against sexual harassment!
*Stepping off the soapbox...drained.

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