Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Everyone has different ideas of what Mother's Day is to them. For some, it's visiting a grave to remember your Mom. For others, it means getting pampered. For some, it's reminiscing on memories with your kids (or Mom). And yet others spend time taking their 4-legged fur babies for an extra special walk. For some, it's mourning the loss of not being able to be a mom to their own child. For every woman it means something different.
For me, I've learned that there's Mother's Day in theory and then there's the realistic Mother's Day. Every year Rob tells me that this day is about whatever I want to do. My mind immediately takes me to a day spa where I'm pampered all day without a care in the world. But the reality of Mother's Day is that I'm still a very busy mom with a lot of responsibilities. There is no magic cleaning fairy to come in and make my house spotless or do the laundry from beginning to end (Although Rob did help with that a little today). There is no one to take care of my photography business, helping clients as needed. And there is absolutely no way I'm going to be able to lay in bed all day, reading my latest novel and forgetting about all that needs to be done. That's not realistic. That's not what being a mom is all about.
Being a mom, in my opinion, is about selflessly giving (Sometimes to the point of not having anything left to give), about enjoying the little things with your kids, about making memories and about appreciating the tokens of love shown throughout the day, even on the most imperfect day. So, to me, today was imperfectly perfect. E was so excited to give me a bag of "coffee" (ie a tea bag) and a paper teapot that he had colored (Or at least I think he did because he gave me his classmate's teapot). Then he promptly informed me that he thought he'd like my "coffee" so I graciously made him a cup of it. P brought me a big bowl of Captain Crunch in bed and then asked if I'd make him waffles (Thankfully it was just Eggo waffles so there's little effort put into those). Then he gave me a book he had made that made me cry. Rob gave me a beautiful card and took me to lunch at my favorite hamburger joint. Then we came home and spent most of the afternoon in the pool, making memories as a family. This evening reality set in and I did laundry and dishes and cleaned.
At church a friend and I were talking about Mother's Day and how it just sounds better in theory because, in reality, there are so many little things that only a Mom can do. And I agree. Although my mom and I have been known to butt heads before, I would've given just about anything to spend the day with her today. I missed her terribly and wanted to just spend even an hour with her, catching up about Motherhood. But, although that wasn't possible, I was still thankful for my special day with my boys (That includes Rob). A friend of ours is near the end of her life (She's already lived a few days past what the doctors told her she'd live) and I can't imagine how Mother's Day will go for her mom next year. I can't imagine the grief her mom felt today, knowing this was their last Mother's Day together. So I hugged my boys a little closer and was thankful for the work I had to do today, knowing that my boys are alive and healthy, that Mother's Day a good day together.
So, no matter how you view Mother's Day or how you celebrate it, I hope it's a day full of love and memories. To all the mamas reading this, thanks for ALL you do! You rock!

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